Jade attracts the one whose name is love

Jade attracts the one whose name is love

He who did not measure his love, he loved in secret,
in the days of loneliness, in the nights empty and
desperate. He planned in vain. To appeal to her who
does not stand schemes and calculations is in vain.
                                                        The scent

of stone pine-trees and jade attract the one whose name
is sometimes love. She walks under the stars wrapped
in the light veil of dusk. Why does she hide while
coming? She whispers. She approaches furtively.
                                                      He who shows

his love in a bragging manner is soon left alone in
chambers with wine and with the scent of stone
pine-trees. The breath of night replaces the motions
of her who intoxicates and hides even when departing.
She sneaks out. She is sensitive, very much so.

Unpredictable. How to call back her who changes her
name like a virgin in love changes necklaces, and
responds at her own will? How to know the measure
of love, how to learn the charms of her who herself
                                              does not know them





Шака мрака

Мастило је горко / ink is bitter

Књига промена

У дом за старе стигао је комунизам

Писма осамљеника

Глумци одлазе, сире

Бенгалска ватра глуме

Смрт је ловац самотан

Мачје, мишје и друге

Мирна кућа

Мефистов вез

С љубечитим штовањем

Вечерња благост

Тамни вилајет


Кад те заболи душа

Мали знаци неверства

Човек против себе

Хелена спава с мишицом под главом

Књига постања