The who reel up thin hanks

The who reel up thin hanks

Letters are scattered like pellets. How to gather them,
howto restore the past? Anxiety is in everything;
in heartbeats, ina line, in a breath, in a pen. Rain is
changing colours, a messengerhis scarlet uniform.
                   The Zodiac is darkening, memories fading.

On the roll rests the certain sign of trouble, the
crushedseal wax. Gardens are emptied in haste, the
forgotten goblets darken. Lovers caress each other
with sorrow,aware of transience. They repress lies.
                                                               Blessed is  

the touch of Communion. A smile, a light print, a
shadowof the elapsed. Whom to believe with the
letters scattered, the skin gathering events, the rainbow
getting changed, the messenger washing his bleeding
tongue. All sorts of rumours are going around; they

who reel up thin hanks have no time for love. They
who love passionately never learn the truth, covered
with the stars where high hours are counted. Gloomy
messengers are gatheringvoices, scattered destinies,
                                       hard words, wailing, dreams





Шака мрака

Мастило је горко / ink is bitter

Књига промена

У дом за старе стигао је комунизам

Писма осамљеника

Глумци одлазе, сире

Бенгалска ватра глуме

Смрт је ловац самотан

Мачје, мишје и друге

Мирна кућа

Мефистов вез

С љубечитим штовањем

Вечерња благост

Тамни вилајет


Кад те заболи душа

Мали знаци неверства

Човек против себе

Хелена спава с мишицом под главом

Књига постања