In the shade of stone pine-trees

In the shade of stone pine-trees

Heraclitus, in the shade of stone pine-trees, smiles with
superiority:the change is irresistible. Where the
time-keepers are,nobody said. The secret, while the
time is running out, keeps growingmore important.
                Someone, from ambush, counts on uncertain

time, on the scum which covers everything, patiently,
slowly, treacherously, inexorably, thoroughly. Time,
an embroiderer of oblivion, creator of dust. Only
the blue is clear. Everything else melts away in the
                               mist of time, in the flank

of change, in the abating and fading echo. Do stars
change their places when pointed at by the sextant,
by the fingerof destiny, by a pitted mirror, by a
telescope, by an eye of the learned,wonders the one
                      who keeps ruffling water with words.

But twice the same water, Heraclitus yells out. Oh,
he smiles mysteriously, proudly, elatedly, convinced
thatthe truth is in the throat, under his coat-tail.
Under the cap. In the bosom. He believes that water
                  devours words, shadows, essence, breath





Шака мрака

Мастило је горко / ink is bitter

Књига промена

У дом за старе стигао је комунизам

Писма осамљеника

Глумци одлазе, сире

Бенгалска ватра глуме

Смрт је ловац самотан

Мачје, мишје и друге

Мирна кућа

Мефистов вез

С љубечитим штовањем

Вечерња благост

Тамни вилајет


Кад те заболи душа

Мали знаци неверства

Човек против себе

Хелена спава с мишицом под главом

Књига постања