It is a ripe part of the year

It is a ripe part of the year

In short man's life there are things and events about
which silence is kept in a terrible, permanent, blind
way. A word will not be uttered even before the
mirror, through the clenched teeth, the dungeon of
                                               the tongue, in sleep,

through pores, through the smell of skin, do not
expect to hear what silence is kept about. Under
the earth from which there will not shoot up an
elder suitable for a flute, the knowledge of events and
                                              things that are kept silent about

will go, of things that fight back against themselves;
the things that are kept secret are oblivion, a finger
on the trigger, mouth of lead, a ripe part of the year.
Live a lone life. Silence is the salvation from tender
revealing speech





Шака мрака

Мастило је горко / ink is bitter

Књига промена

У дом за старе стигао је комунизам

Писма осамљеника

Глумци одлазе, сире

Бенгалска ватра глуме

Смрт је ловац самотан

Мачје, мишје и друге

Мирна кућа

Мефистов вез

С љубечитим штовањем

Вечерња благост

Тамни вилајет


Кад те заболи душа

Мали знаци неверства

Човек против себе

Хелена спава с мишицом под главом

Књига постања